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Maddy Alexander-Grout

Our founder

Maddy Alexander-Grout a mum from Southampton had a condition called postpartum psychosis after the birth of her first child, she found comfort connecting with other mums and going out was much preferable to staying in, but it was so expensive eating cake all the time and going to soft play centres, clothing kids and the guilt she felt when she wanted to treat herself was unreal! So, she started My VIP Rewards to help people to save on the every day

Maddy had a passion for supporting small businesses and wanted to help people to find the best local places, and it was a no brainer for her to offer free advertising to support her local community.

My VIP Card was born in 2017 and since has won 15 awards, been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Metro, The Financial Time and on BBC radio and news, no longer just a card but a money-saving app Maddy decided to rename to support the growth of the business to My VIP Rewards.

Maddy worked in HR and recruitment for 12 years and had a lot of experience with employee engagement, she realised that a lot of employee benefits available on the market were expensive and not widely used by staff so she set about to change that working with employers to help them to engage their staff, customers and members all whilst supporting the community around them.