What To Do In The Easter Holidays

When do the Easter Holidays start?

For England and Scotland, the holidays begin after school on Friday 1st April. For Wales, they begin after school on Friday 8th April and for Northern Ireland, they begin after school on Wednesday 13th April.

What to do during the Easter holidays with the kids

Firstly, congratulations on making it through the winter. The days are now getting longer and warmer which makes it slightly easier when it comes to ideas to entertaining the kids during the holidays.

Make the most of the weather this holiday, get the kids outside as much as you can – it has much so many more benefits than just keeping them busy for a while.

It’s time to get sporty! Have some fun with the kids, create a fun obstacle course around the garden or in the local park – have prizes or treats at each obstacle to keep them interested (added benefit of burning off all the Easter chocolate.)

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Kids love adventure and activity, don’t they? Plus, it helps them burn off all that extra energy. Visit a local activity centre, soft play or trampoline park near you. It doesn’t cost a crazy amount and you’re bound to be the favourite parent that day.

Get the kids to try something a bit different – there is an online photography course run by Family Memento. It is a fantastic opportunity for them to get out and take photographs of the greatness of spring. Time to appreciate nature and the outdoors. explore here

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Not everything has to cost money, see below some lovely ideas of things you can do with the kids for a low cost/for free;

  • – Park crawl- try some new ones out!
  • – Feeding the Ducks
  • – Head to the beach – collecting shells, looking for sea glass , building sandcastles
  • – Go for a dog walk (borrow a dog if you need to)
  • – Walk around the local garden centre
  • – Go Puddle jumping if it’s raining
  • – Take the bus somewhere
  • – Do a treasure of Easter egg hunt in the garden
  • – Do some crafting
  • – Make sock puppet
  • – Make Dens
  • – Go for a bike ride
  • – Go to the library
  • – Go charity shop shopping
  • – Do leaf or coin rubbing (great for teaching kids about money
  • – Use empty washing up bottles/ food packaging, cereal boxes etc to make your own role play
  • – Play dressing up
  • – Make a car park – use empty boxes and toilet roll holders then play with it using toy cars.
  • – Paint blowing – make spiders using straws
  • – Watch films at home with popcorn
  • – Go on a beach clean and make it fun

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