How Does Money and Mental Health Link Up?

Firstly, before we start, we aren’t mental health professionals or first aiders, however, we can clearly see the impact money has on mental health and how they link up.

Struggling with mental health nor debt are not nice things to live with, for anyone but people don’t see how both mental health and debt can lead from one to the other in both directions.

Taken from a statistic from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1 in 2 adults with debts has a mental health problem and 1 in 4 people with a mental health problem are also in debt – see the link?

It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and you can just see from reading this blog just how common it is.

Why is it so common?

When you’re in debt it is all consuming, you are awake thinking about money, you try and sleep but all you think about is money, friends ask you to do something nice but all you think about is money. You’re surrounded by it and no wonder it leads to mental health problems.

On the other side, when you have mental health problems, that can be all consuming too. You may have to have time off work, it may even be as consuming as not being able to open post or it could lead to short- term memory.

Where can you seek help?

There’s plenty of help out there, both free and paid for.

You can get help locally from your nearest Citizens Advice.

National Debtline offer free specialist advice to anyone seeking it

StepChange Debt Charity offer free debt management and debt advice

For mental health support:

Mind Charity

Betterhelp.com are mental health counsellors available anytime, anywhere via text, chat, video or all.

Samaritans giving emotional support for anyone suffering with emotional distress or struggling to cope.

Woman sat at kitchen table looking through finances looking stressed.

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