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19 Things to do if you are worried about the cost of living crisis

1- Take stock of what you have coming in to your bank account, and what you have coming out. If you dont take stock you wont know how much trouble you are actually in.

2-once you have taken stock work out if there is anything you can cut. Can you switch to cheaper brands? Can you cut anything out of your weekly spend?

3-Make a meal plan, it will help you to understand what you are spending money on food wise, where you can make savings and it will also help you to cut down on food waste

4-When you are shopping online make sure you are looking for cashback offers and discounts , My VIP Rewards can help with this, we have cashback for 97% of UK retailers, and you can buy discounted vouchers for supermarkets to save before you shop for well known brands such as Tesco, Asda, Morrsions and Sainsbury’s , if you are not looking for discounts and cashback you are throwing good money away. We have a £1 summer saver offer if you use code SUMMERSAVER at check out on monthly subscription, sign up for £1 a month over the summer (renews at £3.99 a month after 3 months, cancel anytime)

5-Dont use buy now pay later , its like having a credit card! It will screw you over if next month you don’t have the money to pay it. If you cant afford something right now save for it.

6- Check your energy provider, are you with the cheapest one? I am with Utility Warehouse and my bills haven’t gone up that much , and there are loads of other perks too, which actually help you to save 1% cashback on your spending, you can even buy My VIP Rewards vouchers and save twice!

7- Make a fun budget, take money out at the beginning of the month in cash, put it in an envelope and only dip in when you want to do something fun.

8- Save your reciepts , if you save your receipts you can work out where you can cut costs. I can promise you there will be things you could have got cheaper, you can use this to shop around and compare prices

9- If you owe money speak to your creditors, they are actually a lot more understanding than we give them credit for (see what I did there! ) communication is key , if you communicate they are much less likely to come after you when you cant afford to pay. They can give you extended payment plans, payment holidays or re negotiate terms.

10- Take a look at the Olio App, you can get free stuff that your neighbours don’t want anymore, including food, household items and more, you can also borrow things from neighbours and it wont cost you a penny!

11- If you credit rating is raking a battering look at Loqbox Save , sign up in less than 2 minutes and add money to your account, from £20 a month, there is a small fee but at the end of the year you can take it out again, each month as long as you keep up with the payments Loqbox will report back to the credit referencing agencies and your credit rating will start to improve

12- If you have kids check out My VIP Rewards! We can help you to save money on supermarket shopping, days out, online shopping and more with over 97% of high street brands in the form of discounted vouchers, cashback , discounts in person with your virtual card or discounted tickets.

13- Take a look at Apps like Plum , they can help you to round up and save when you spend, and once t=you start saving you can invest through Plum too

14- Look at your subscriptions, could you be sharing your apps with your friends, Netflix or Disney plus?

15- Check you Apple subscriptions , Are you paying for something you didn’t know about? I checked the other day and I was still subscribed to an app I got for my kids in lockdown , instant saving of £23 a month!

16- Sell unwanted baby clothes , check out Little Pickles Markets and Build a Bundle , and sell your clothes on Vinted

17- Shop for yellow stickers at the supermarket, my favourite! I do loads of videos about my finds over on my Tiktok account Mad About Money , including the best times to shop

18- Freeze Food, you can freeze just about anything! Stock up on meat if you see it reduced and defrost when you need it

19- If you are really struggling please speak to Step Change they are an awesome charity and can really help you if you feel like you have no options

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