3 Ways to Help Your Employees to Save Money

Are you aware that some of your employees are struggling with their finances? Are they open with you about their struggles? Do you help them save money or educate them on how they can? According to a survey by HR Grapevine in 2020, 69% of employees and feeling worried or anxious about their finances, that seems like a big problem to me.

What do you have in place to combat this issue?

We have come up with 3 pragmatic ways to help your employees save money and help alleviate their financial worries

  1. 1. Educate staff on financial health and wellbeing.

Offer support and education to your employees about budgeting, debt, savings and investments, financial planning and even things such as childcare or holiday/travel savings.

Knowledge is power and employees will appreciate time being put into educating and assisting them with their finances.

2. Offer discounts on the services and products they use in everyday life.

Offer your employees discounts on services and products they will actually want and use. Not something that just ticks a box. People love shopping local so provide them with discounts for local businesses.

Whether this is discounts to help them save on their weekly shop, beauty services, gym memberships or days out. Help them save on their everyday life purchases.

This is where My VIP Rewards can step in and help you. We are the money saving app to help you aid your employees in saving money. We listen to what they spend their money by sending them a small survey to fill out, we will then go off and get these businesses on board. Also giving them access to over 100 national discounts to use and enjoy.

3. Make the discounts you offer easy to access and use.

Discounts should be easy for your employees to access and use as this will ensure they are being taken advantage of. The more complex the customer journey, the less likely the are to be used.

My VIP Rewards allows you to use the discounts instantly as well as getting instant cash back.

If you’d like assistance in helping your employees save money, get in touch by emailing us on hello@myvipcard.co.uk. We’d be more than happy to have a no obligation call to discuss things further.

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