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Baby must-haves: a comprehensive baby shopping list to get you ready for the next chapter of life

Knowing what to buy when it comes to getting ready for your little one can be confusing, intimidating and expensive. So, instead of watching the pound signs go up, we’ve put together a shopping list to make your job that little bit easier and much cheaper.

From what to get for the nursery to clothing and things you’ll need when you’re out and about, we’ve got you covered.

Babies need a lot of stuff. But, how much is too much and what is actually necessary?

We’ve done our research and put together the list below to help you get the essentials.

Clothing for newborns (we know how tempting it is to buy that cute outfit you’ve just walked past, we’ve all been there!)

  • 8 sleepsuits
  • 8 vests
  • 8 bodysuits
  • 8 baby grows
  • 3 jumpers/cardigans
  • 2 coats/pram suits
  • 10 x baby socks/booties (even baby socks seem to disappear in the wash)
  • 1 x hat and pair of mittens

Feeding your newborn


  • Nursing/maternity bras for ease when breastfeeding as well as providing comfort.
  • Breast pads for any unwanted leaks.
  • Nipple cream to help relieve any painful, cracked nipples. Odourless and flavourless are ideal.
  • Nipple shields (thank us for this one later)

Bottle feeding

  • 6-10 bottles depending if you’re solely bottle feeding or mixing with breast.
  • Bottle steriliser
  • Bottle brush to help budge any dried milk that’s hard to reach.

General feeding essentials

  • 10 – 12 Muslins and burping cloths. You’ll be surprised how many of these you go through.

Essentials for travel

  • Rear-facing Car Seat – of course, you only need this if you have a car.
  • Pushchair/Travel System which has the ability to be fully reclined so it can be used from birth.
  • Baby carriers can be useful to have baby close but both hands free.

Baby changing

  • Lots and lots of nappies – you can never have too many!! It may be trial and error with these depending which ones you get along with best or which ones meet your needs. Eco-friendly or disposable (no judgement here).
  • Wet wipes
  • Changing mats made of wipe clean fabrics or ones that can be chucked in the wash.

Sleeping and bedtime essentials

  • A carrycot or Moses basket is great as its super portable. These will both needs mattresses and sheets. We also recommend plastic sheeting to protect the mattress from any accidents.
  • 2 x sleeping bags.

Helpful but not necessary items

  • Baby monitor to give parents piece of mind and keep an eye on baby’s movements whilst in a separate room.
  • A changing bag to keep all changing supplies ready to grab and go
  • Breast pump
  • Nail scissors
  • Baby bath support
  • Baby thermometer, to make sure the nursery isn’t too hot or cold
  • Hooded towels for bath time.

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