Community and People first!

Has helping support your local community or your local businesses ever crossed your mind?

We know how easy it is to just pop into your nearest large national retailer but your purchase you could make from a small local businesses could mean a whole lot more.

But why does buying and supporting local businesses matter?

Local businesses help create and build a stronger local community, not only in terms of jobs and income (even though that is a great bonus) but creating a welcoming and characterful community for people to visit and enjoy living in.

We all know how much Covid hit small businesses. There is roughly 6 million SME’s (small – medium enterprises) in the UK which accounts for over 99% of the businesses throughout the UK (WOW) with covid costing these businesses £126 million.

Enough of the boring figures – How can you help and how can using My VIP Rewards help you?

At My VIP Rewards we believe in rewarding people and rewarding communities. We are the app that rewards you when you spend with your favourite brands.

We like to use the ecosystem analogy. We help promote local businesses for free. You (the user) then downloads our very new and smart app to then start saving on your everyday essentials and treating yourself and then money stays local to help support the local community. It really is as amazing and easy as that!

As an added extra, My VIP Rewards also give 15% of all sales on the app back to the community. We create a pot and when people need it we support them!

And if you are a business owner who is keen to engage your people we can help with that too! Employee, member and customer rewards are what we specialise in! And again 15% of what you pay us goes to community causes, and you get to choose what!

It could be a charity, a social enterprise, a local school , or a sports team! As long as it helps to support the community then we will help you, and we will even get our PR team to shout about your business and the cool things you are doing!

Want to do your bit but budget is tight? We help charities and business owners to raise with our affiliate scheme, We give you a link , you share with your community or employees and we donate to a cause of your choice!

Email maddy@myvipcard.co.uk for more details or to set up a call.

you can try out our discounts offers and cashback for free for 1 whole month. Use the code myvip1monthfree at checkout and start saving now!

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