Half term is next week!!

Hasn’t it come round really fast? We won’t comment whether that’s a good or bad thing.

So who wants some ideas for what to do with the kids? Some costing money, others free!

Here’s just a few!

? Cinema Trip, boss baby two is coming out! Plus, you can get discounts at both Vue and Odeon with a My VIP Rewards subscription.

? Theme parks, they were hit badly during the pandemic, let’s support them! Our partners, Southampton Children’s Pleasure Park has a great offer for My VIP Reward owners. As well as offers at Thorpe Park and Alton Towers.

? Soft play, urgh I know! Parents worst nightmare. It’s not too bad if you get half an hour with a hot cup of coffee, a rarity when you’re a parent, I’m sure you agree! Injoy Southampton, Sealife Play Centre and Monkey Bizzness Southampton are just a few soft play areas where you can get discounts with us.

? Start Christmas shopping! I know it’s early but it’s less busy and you can play games with the kids whilst doing it! Or, at least wonder around the shops and get them to make an imaginary Christmas list, it kills time!

? Go for a walk in a country park, it’s free and will tire them out!

? Local parks, the kids love them. They are free and you can spend hours there, if you are lucky like me, your park has a coffee shop – BONUS!

? Visit a local garden centre! They have loads of great things to look at. Teach your kids about plants and gardening. Plus, most of them have amazing cake!

? Visit your local library and get some books or DVD’s! Free fun!

? Go to the beach (if you have one near you!). Collect shells and pebbles and make a collage at home. Again, free and gets kids out in the fresh air.

? Take a trip to the range. Get loads of craft stuff, it’s amazing what a tenner can get! We made ours last the whole of lockdown!

? Make a treasure hunt! Draw a map, hide bundles of 2p coins wrapped in tin foil wherever you can! Garden, on your walk, in a forest – hours of fun! Could even get friends/local neighbours in on the hunt.

? Go pumpkin picking, it’s super cheap and you can get some great pics.

? Make Halloween crafts and put them in your window for passers-by to see!

? Halloween baking – get some orange food colouring and make some pumpkin cookies or cakes!

? Carve pumpkins. Takes hours and you can re-use the pumpkin to make soup! Plus, roast the pumpkin seeds with some salt or seasoning, really yummy and a healthy snack for both you and the kids.

? Go conker hunting. Kids love collecting conkers! They also scare away spiders!

? Do coin rubbing. You just need crayons and paper! You can also teach your kids the value of money!

? Go puddle jumping! Jumping up and down in muddy puddles, splish splash splosh (you hate me now don’t you!)

? Get the kids to help you to make dinner! They are more likely to eat it if they made it! (Worth a try huh!)

? Go swimming, bike riding, scooting or do something active!

? Make a den! Get all the duvets down, get some extra sheets! Hours of fun!

? Got an Amazon habit? Utilise the boxes!! Make robots, a garage for toy cars, or a dolls house! They will love making it and playing with it afterwards!

? Go on a day trip. Maybe somewhere a bit further where you wouldn’t usually have time to go.

? Help your kids learn a new skill like sewing, knitting, a new skill in their favourite sport. Something they can go tell all their friends about when they go back to school.

Hope some of these tips give you some food for thought!

And if you want to save money on the paid things check out the directory section of the My VIP Rewards website and see what amazing, local businesses have to offer.

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