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Happiness in the workplace – what are the real benefits?

Should happiness at work be something that business leaders/employers are paying more attention to? What are the benefits to having happiness among employees and surrounding the workplace?

Firstly, happiness is a power-tool. It gives people that extra umph they need leading to a more productive working day. A study noted that people who are happy in their workplace are 31% more productive – that’s a lot more productivity. Imagine what results that productivity could deliver.

The rate of production of goods or services is key to the sustainable development of a business. The level of  productivity drives  sales and  profits. See what I’m getting at?

Staff for most businesses are their most important asset. Without staff, the business will not survive. It is therefore vital to look after and care for your prized asset. Failing to do so, creates a huge  risk of an unhappy workplace, the revolving door of talent and a churn of staff. The consequences are inevitable- the higher the turn-over of staff, the more time spent training new employees which is then time taken out of the job in hand and unfortunately a decrease in productivity. Can you believe that 75% of employees who leave their place of work are unhappy with their boss rather than their actual job?

They say happiness is contagious. It  is source of positive energy that can be transferred and spread between people. This is definitely something we believe in. How often have you been talking to someone who is happy and energetic and again, someone who may be lacking energy and enthusiasm and they’re energy and mood, reflects what you then feel?

Happiness in the workplace should start from the top. A business leader who is happy, makes for a much more transformational leader. A key element of a leader’s role is at times to boost morale, inspire commitment and motivation. ,

We asked Peter Taylor, managing partner of one of the south coast’s largest law firm, Paris Smith about why he thinks happiness in the workplace is so important. He said “It is fundamental to the growth of a business if the people working in it are clear as to the purpose of the business, their role within it and what is expected of them.

To ensure a happy workforce requires people to feel valued, empowered, trusted. Feeling valued is key. People will remember how you make them feel, more than what you say or do. The result is a committed stable team, who share successes, learn from mistakes, are authentic and honest with each other. How can My VIP Rewards help put words into action?

I think we have agreed that retaining top talent isn’t easy and keeping your employees, members or customers happy, isn’t simple. Gifting a My VIP Rewards subscription to your employees, members and/or customers helps them feel appreciated and valued. The discounts available for them to use, aids their salary to go further, helping to take financial strains and worries away.

We support you as the organisation by ensuring employees are getting what they want and work with you to understand what makes them tick. As well as sending out a survey to all employees to find out where they spend their money and where they’d like to save.

Happy workplace/happy employees = happy life!

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