How To Put A Stop To Your Impulse Spending

Are you an impulse spender?

If the answer to the above question is yes, don’t worry because a lot of us are. In fact, Nationwide did some research and found out that Brits spend a quarter of their spare money within just two days of pay day.

Unfortunately, this only causes problems towards the end of the month. People then dive into saving, take out new credit cards and have very little to live on till the next pay day comes around.

Stop shopping!

I know that sounds so much easier than it may be but it’s worth a try isn’t it? If you don’t need something from a shop, don’t go in. How many times have you been into a shop to just have a look or just have a browse and come out with half the shop?

I tell you what, I do it, all the time. Even if it’s just the supermarket. Going down the aisles you don’t need to go down and chuck things into the basket that just look nice but you don’t need.

Unsubscribe from the marketing emails you get tempted by!

If you get tempted by ASOS emails, unsubscribe to them. If you get tempted by Chanel, unsubscribe to Chanel’s email. Whoever you get tempted by, this is your kind and gentle warning to click that unsubscribe button now and stop the temptations.

Turn off easy payments!

Get rid of your Apple Pay or PayPal if the ability of being able to pay so easily tempts you to spending more money. Also, don’t save your debit and credit cards to websites when they ask you because 1) it’s not necessarily safe and they may share your details and 2) it just makes it far too easy to check out.


Work out how much money you need each week to last you until your next pay day and if you can factor in some money to put into a savings account each month, even better. Remember to take into account direct debits, bills, food shopping, petrol etc.

To help you further, use discounts and cashback to help you get to your next pay cheque a little easier. My VIP Rewards has over 5,000 local and national discounts to help you save. There is quite literally a discount for everyone, no matter what you spend your money. To get a free month to test out how many savings you can really make, use the code ‘LOVESAVING1’ when subscribing.

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