How To Use Boxing Day Sales To Your Advantage

Do you go mad for sales after Christmas? It’s a bit like marmite, some people love them, some people avoid to the best of their ability.

One thing that sales do, is make people panic buy! All the marketing that’s chucked at us makes us all get sucked in!

Our top tips for the sales this year, to help you from not going over the top are below:

? Think about whether you would buy this item at full price, do you want it that much? Or is that extra-large discount just really appealing?

? If you are not completely sold on an item, leave it in your basket for a while before committing (just make you don’t sit on it so long that it then sells out).

? Shop around! Is the item you want available elsewhere? Could you get it cheaper? Or is there a discount available for one shop, that isn’t available for another?

? Sign up to newsletters for your favourite brands – you get to hear first what offers will be on available!

? If you are a sucker for impulse buying, make sure the sale emails go into a separate folder. This avoids any unnecessary temptation!

? Make sure you are following the social media accounts of your favourite brands. Don’t rely on just seeing their posts, go and check!

? Buy discounted vouchers (you can use them like cash!) This saves you even more money on top of your sale price! My VIP Rewards has over 130 high street brands where you can get discounted vouchers or cashback. Have a browse and see which of your favourite brands you can save even more money on.

? Can you get cashback?

? Buy next year’s Christmas presents! Start early and get them at bargain price! Just don’t forget what you have bought! Yes, this may sound mad and extremely organised but a good idea, right?

? Set yourself a budget! Only buy what you can afford, set yourself a sale spending limit, and don’t put it on credit cards! Future you will thank you! There are some great banks out there which allow you to set a budget and won’t allow you go over this, maybe try use this if you’re big on the sales?

? Start thinking about what you are looking for now! Set alarms to remind you to check!

? Don’t wait until January! Most places start their sales before Christmas now!

? Our biggest tip is that Boxing Day and January Sales are just a very tactical marketing ploy. The products you are looking at will most likely be cheaper at some other point in the year. Something to just bear in mind.

Check out our website and subscribe to save on top of the discounts! Start the New Year with more money in your pocket! Use code ‘LOVESAVING1’ to get a free month and unlock over 5,000 discounts to use at your pleasure! myviprewards.co.uk/subscribe/

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