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Make your new years resolution to save for fun!

Make money saving a priority, but save for fun!

If you are looking for new years resolutions why not start with taking a look at your personal finances!

Starting with your relationship with money! I used to hate money, I saved for rainy days, I saved because I didn’t want something unexpected to happen, And it made my experience with money negative.

My relationship with money has been up and down but is now up FOREVER!

When I was younger I earned my pocket money by doing chores around the house (bear with me there is a point to this)

If I wanted something I had to save for it, which I still think is the best way to learn value and work ethics.

I associated money with with negativity, “money doesn’t grow on trees” “i’m not made of money” “we cant afford that”

But when I went to university I still didn’t understand money, I didn’t understand what it would mean if I got myself in debt.

I walked into freshers fayre and it was like a free money event!

Have this credit card, have this overdraft, have thos store card!

That was a huge mistake!

I got myself in 40k worth of debt by the time I left uni,

I felt shame,

I felt like I had let myself down and let my parents down.

I worked hard and started to reduce the debt, I created payment plans, and I paid more than I could afford every month.

I worked two extra jobs , one in a pub and one flyering for a nightclub.

I managed to pay my debt off but it took me 8 years to do it.

I managed to repair my credit rating , now with a score of 999!

I bought a house!

My own house!

And I learned some lessons.

Your net worth is not your worth.

When I had no money I felt useless, worthless and like I had failed.

It’s only money!

For years I felt like how much money I had in the bank was the thing that mattered.

But it’s not. Ok it helps.

But it’s not the thing that defines you as a person.

If you have a cashflow blip you haven’t failed as a person,

If you have to borrow money it doesn’t mean you have done something wrong.

Money shouldn’t equal shame.

I have learned to forgive my younger self for money blips, they were not mistakes, they were my education.

If you don’t learn from your past you can’t own your future.

I no longer feel shame around money.

In fact I love money, but I know it doesn’t buy my happiness , it’s just a commodity.

A way of swapping goods and services.

I’m not scared of it, and I love making it.

Is your story similar? can you relate to this? If you can then start looking at money in a positive way, Start thinking about how much money loves you, don’t be scared of it. Embrace it!

Instead of saving for a rainy day, or saving for an emergency why not try saving for fun, or saving for a holiday, saving for a purpose not just a what if.

Last year I started the year by putting £10 in my savings account every week, by the time I came to Christmas shopping I had £480 in my account, and of course shopping is not only way more fun when you don’t feel guilty about spending, its money you have saved for fun! so have fun spending it!

When you start saving for fun it isn’t a chore to do it, you are less likely to mess up, or stop doing it because you have a goal and you know that the end game is something nice.

Saving for a rainy day will attract that rainy day, saving for a new boiler in case yours breaks, guess what! A new boiler could well be needed.

So this year I am urging you as a new years resolution to save for fun!

And if you want some help along the way then subscribe to My VIP Rewards, save money on fun things like eating nice food, days out with the kids, cinema, getting new clothes.

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SO repeat after me…





Now start saving! You can even try our subscription for a free month using code LOVESAVING1 , cancel anytime.

Happy New Year money savers! Hope 2022 brings you the best year yet with your money!

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