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My VIP Rewards expand their employee benefits offering to support more employees.

My VIP Rewards helps employers to support their employees with rising cost of living, which in this troubling time is needed more than ever with average savings of £500 per year + per employee.

But now they can help further with a full EAP programme, will writing service, parent support and menopause support.

My VIP Rewards founder Maddy suffered with postpartum psychosis after the birth of her first child,

“I felt alone and scared, I didn’t want to talk to anyone about my experience for fear of being judged.

I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I didn’t want to be around anymore and I didn’t want me son to be around either, I didn’t bond with him, all he did was cry from the second he was born. I had always wanted to be a mum so why did I feel so awful?

After months of hypnotherapy and counselling my therapist suggested I went to a baby group, my first thought was NO WAY! I will get judged , but I gave it a go and it was the biggest lifeline I could have asked for. The mums didn’t judge they supported and I realised the more I spoke about the experience I had the better I felt. I found my tribe! And they were there to support me, all I had to do was talk.

I had complications with my second baby too, I ended up with birth trauma, and post natal depression but luckily I saw the signs and I knew what I was looking for”

Maddy created Parenthood App to incorporate into the My VIP Rewards offering to support parents in the workplace.

Approximately 68% of UK women and 57% of men with mental health problems are parents.

This shocking statistic as well as Maddy’s personal story got her thinking about parents in the workplace and how hard it is when you don’t have support as a parent.
There are 4 billion parents globally, why are they not a priority to employers?

Every woman goes through menopause! more employers are starting to look at ways to support their employees through this time in their lives.

Parenthood App covers these topics to support parent employees along with back to work and career guidance.

for more information on our corporate offering visit our employee benefits section of the website

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