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Our Name Change!

Hey! Welcome to you all!

Maddy here CEO and Founder of My VIP Card Limited

Some of you may be newbies, other may be My VIP Card veterans! But you may be wondering who we are and what we do or even why we have changed our name!

We started in July 2017 as an idea I had on one sleepless night with my son.

I was running a parenting forum for my local town, it was busy! I had started the forum after suffering with Post Partum Psychosis when my son was born. I wanted to create a support network for parents where they could find out about local events, ask for help and advice when they needed it the most.

The busier the forum got the more businesses wanted to advertise in it, but I didn’t want payment. I wanted to help those businesses to actually get customers, so I had the idea of a swap.

If they could offer a discount to our members then I could give them free advertising!

by September I had about 30 people advertising and offering discount, I decided that it would be really cool to have a discount card just for parents! My VIP Card was born.

It started off as a local discount card for parents, the P in VIP stood for Parents!

I grew it quickly across Hampshire, then I started to find national deals, and I made the decision to create an app.

During lockdown I decided to help as many small businesses across the UK as I could , we covid proofed our product and got online discounts!

We started to get businesses advertising for free on our website from all over the country!

We won 15 awards, got featured in The Guardian, The Metro, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Mirror and on BBC. We ran two crowdfunding campaigns, one I must admit was to keep us afloat at the beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t keep all the raised we used it to help other small businesses with their campaigns once we had paid our suppliers.

The second campaign was an equity crowdfunding campaign so that we could grow, scale and improve our product and service, we sold shares in the business so that we could invest money into our tech and strategy for the business.

Our target was 70k , and we raised a whopping 84k!

We invested in a brand new website, new technology for our app and decided that My VIP Card didn’t suit us anymore. We were no longer just a discount card for local Southampton parents but a UK wide money saving app that helps people to save money when they support their local community.

We love local businesses, we have a huge passion for supporting independents and makers. But we also feel that the larger businesses chains and franchises also have a place in the eco system, they provide local jobs, bring people to the high street and help people to live easier lives. So we wanted them all to be involved.

We have a huge range of parenting offers, but we are no longer just for parents! Anyone can subscribe and save with us! And we help business owners to look after their employees , members and customers and support local!

So we are proud to introduce My VIP Rewards our brand new brand company name, trading under My VIP Card Limited our parent company.

The money saving app that helps people to enjoy life , stretch their salary further and make the most of their money.

The app that supports businesses , helping them to get seen and find new customers.

We have kept our prices the same, but we bring you higher offers, better technology and even more places to save!

If you are enjoying your MY VIP Rewards subscription leave us a review on Facebook, Google or Trust Pilot! And join thousands of people who are saving and having more fun!

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