Shop Local & Save in Southampton

The sole purpose of My VIP Card is to help people to shop local and support their Southampton community.

And if you live in Southampton you may have had a SO card through your door.

The SO card has been set up by Go Southampton the Southampton business improvement district to help to get shoppers back to the high street, Bedford place and Oxford street.
The way the business improvement district works is that they are paid a levy by the business owners who are part of it , and the BID then do what they can to help the businesses in the area.

Great big fat tick from us! We love helping businesses! Especially Southampton ones!

Some of the businesses that will be featured on the SO Card are also My VIP Card businesses!

You should have received your card in the post , we urge you shoppers in Southampton to go and use your card! And show support to not only the Southampton businesses but also to Go Southampton.

They do a really good job helping out the levy payers!

The SO Card scheme is running as a trial between 1st of June and 31st of August.

You can see the participating businesses here

Deals & Discounts in Southampton with the SO Card | Visit Southampton

Lots of people have commented on posts in support of My VIP Card over the last few weeks, so we just wanted to let people know we fully support Go Southampton in this initiative! The important thing here is that businesses are getting supported and that we are driving customers to the high street.

My VIP Card are totally different, we support all small businesses , trades, crafters, online businesses , people who make cakes at home, soft plays, kids activities , cinemas, theme parks and so much more!

We are a premium product so can’t offer what we do for free, but we do have an awesome discount for you!

We are offering a half price sale for the next couple of months, you can get access to over 5,000 discounts locally in Southampton and UK wide, Cashback offers and rewards.

So download the My VIP Card app and get access! Use code VIP50 at checkout for 50% off and start saving! Shop | My VIP Card

Whether you are looking for a plumber, a cake for your child’s birthday, a day out over the summer or a UK Break we can help 🙂

And if you are a Southampton business make sure you are advertising with us! It’s totally free! Advertisements | My VIP Card

But make sure you are using your SO Card and supporting the businesses offering discount, we know we will be!

And we wish GO Southampton the best of luck with this initiative!

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