mum and kids at trampoline park

Summer holidays are expensive!

Summer holidays are really expensive if you are a parent.

Constantly keeping kids entertained! Activities, days out!

Them eating you out of house and home, I mean can there ever be enough snacks 

Then you have back to school, new shoes, new uniform, new stationery.

Holidays! We just booked a week in Bude and it was £800 , I saved £150 booking though a travel agent on My VIP Rewards! 

So how can you save money being a parent over the holidays? 

 Check out places kids eat for free over the summer holidays- I always do a tiktok on this so keep your eyes peeled

Plan your activities and stick to a budget. One of the best ways to do this is by asking your kids what they want to do over the summer, and pop those activities into envelopes. Mix in with free activities like going to the park, feeding the ducks, going to the beach. And then budget for the more expensive days out.

Make up snack boxes for your kids. They have to last all day, and when they are gone they are gone. just give them fruit once they are done with the treats 🙂

 Don’t take them to the supermarket with you, shop in the evenings without them if you can! 

 Batch cook meals so that when you are exhausted you don’t get tempted by a take away

 Allow money every week for things like ice creams but ration them, or even make your own,

 Don’t buy drinks out, fill up water bottles with squash and freeze them so they stay cold throughout the day.

 Plan when you are buying your school uniform. For example M&S have a 20% off day on the 5th of July!  and if you buy My VIP Rewards discounted vouchers you would get an extra 6% off! Bargain! I also saved £4 buying my little boys new school shoes in Clarks using our vouchers!

Check out the days out discounts , we have some of the UK’s largest theme parks for up to 58% off , escape rooms, soft play centres , Trampoline parks, Cinemas, role play, baby groups, kids classes, even summer camps! 

Buying kids clothes over summer? You can save at ASOS , Primark, Sainsburys , Asda and more through My VIP Rewards

 Supermarket spend will go up without a shadow of a doubt!! Combat this by buying discounted vouchers through My VIP Rewards. An average family saves £12 a month at the supermarket alone! 

AND just becuase it’s so expensive I have a deal that you just can’t say no to! 

Try us over the summer for £1 a month using code SUMMERSAVER at checkout

Cancel anytime! I guarantee you will save at least triple that!

So why not give us a try!

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