Taking Climate Change Into Our Own Hands

Now is a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change and it is in everyone’s hands to start making the small changes to make a big change.

It is just important that small businesses start making changes, just as much as the larger corporations. No business is too small to make a difference. Just like it is in the public sectors hands, just as much as privately owned businesses.

The UK has done a great job in starting to act on Climate Change and leading the way in this fight.

A quote from the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 website – “we have shown that climate action can go hand-in-hand with economic growth. Between 1990 and 2019, we achieved record clean growth. In that time, our economy grew by 78% and our emissions decreased by 44% over this time, the fastest decline in the G7.”

Why is shopping local good for the environment and how does it help support climate change?

By shopping local, you decrease your carbon footprint. This is done as you’re decreasing your fuel consumption and therefore, air pollution. Buying your food locally also helps reduce your food miles. Of course, the further your food is travelling, the bigger impact it has on the environment, so, therefore, buying locally massively cuts down the environmental impact.

One of the amazing things about shopping local is you get a different experience, you can find unique items and the personal touch of interacting with small, independent businesses is second to none.

At My VIP Rewards, we are extremely passionate about doing our bit to helping climate change and making a difference. We help support local communities and are big promoters of shopping local. We help advertise the small, local businesses to attract our users to use them instead of the big retailers.

One of the big things we pride ourselves on, is our commitment to helping local charities and causes. 15% of the money that is spent with us, we give to local charities and causes. This could be an organised beach clean that needs their equipment provided or a charity who help sustainability and educating children around climate change.

If you’d like to start making a change to your shopping habits and start shopping local to help the environment, we are offering you the chance to try us free for a month. Use the code ‘myvip1monthfree’ at checkout and start making the small steps to making a big difference.

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