The Benefits of CSR on Society and Business

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

CSR is the term companies use to refer to their policies they have in place around their social and environment concerns. The aim is for corporations to positively impact the world around them both socially and environmentally.

Why is thinking about CSR important to business?

The importance of business taking control of their CSR is becoming ever more important and is on the lips of a lot of employers and employees. Nevertheless, do you know the true understanding of why taking care of your CSR is so important?

Firstly, customers’ have a growing interest in the company they are interested in using/buying from and what they have in place to look after their social responsibility.  When companies become socially responsible, they are better able to gain customers, build their marketing platforms, and attract an audience. People will be more inclined to see your company as having a positive influence on society if it has a sense of social responsibility and therefore setting you ahead of your competitors.

Whether you’re a corporate or a SME, I’m sure you’ve been faced with the struggle of retaining staff or if this hasn’t affected you personally, you may know someone who it has.

Just like customers being intrigued into what a company does for their CSR, employees are just as interested. By taking care of this, you’re much more likely to retain your employees or if you’re hiring, your business will look much more attractive to potential new talent. Yes, the job role interests them and I’m sure so does the salary but what’s becoming more apparent is importance of how a company looks after their employees and the space around them.

Being straight to the point, ensuring your employees are being looked after and improving your retention rate is only simply going to save you money. The costs of training new staff etc will quickly disappear.

Happy employee at work after business social responsibility has been looked after in her workplace

Think ahead

A corporate social responsibility program aims to ensure the company’s future is stable and sustainable over a long period of time. Rather than being concerned about this fiscal quarter’s financial results, businesses need to think about the financial and social effects of their decisions today.

How we can help

My VIP Rewards are an employee benefits scheme that rewards people and the community around them.

We aid businesses in their journey to reducing their staffs carbon footprint by helping them shop local and put money back in the community. Things we can help tick off are you social value, community engagement, environment and sustainability and work place conditions.

My VIP Rewards additionally gifts 25% of our fee to community causes that you as a business can decide on. Whether this is a charity you are associated with, a school, community group or even more so, a beach clean that you would like to provide them with the equipment they need.

To find out more about how we can help, please contact us and we can schedule in a free, no obligation conversation. https://myviprewards.co.uk/contact-us

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