The Best Advent Calendars Available For Kids This Christmas

What are the best Advent calendars available for kids this Christmas? Well that depends…

We’ve gone away and done our research on what are the best Advent calendars available this Christmas for your little ones. We’ve put them into categories of chocolate and toys – oh how Advent calendars have changed over the years. I’m sure they become more and more extreme and extravagant each year.

Top chocolate Advent calendars 2021

  • Ferrero Kinder chocolate Advent calendar
  • The classic – Cadbury dairy milk Advent calendar
  • Up to snow good Advent calendar
  • A kids sweetie dream – Swizzles Christmas Advent calendar
  • Lindt teddy Advent calendar
  • Cadbury Hero’s Advent calendar
  • Nomo’s vegan Advent calendar

Top toy Advent calendars 2021

  • Smiggle Advent calendar – recommended for age 6+
  • LOL Surprise Advent calendar – recommended for age 3+
  • Lego Advent calendar – lots of different ones to choose from
  • Disney storybook Advent calendar – suitable for all ages. 24 great Disney books to help make reading fun
  • Peppa Pig Advent book collection – suitable for all ages
  • Paw Patrol Advent calendar – recommended for age 3+
  • Frozen Advent calendar – recommended for age 3+

A lovely idea for Advent calendars, is to buy a re-usable Advent calendar and fill it yourself. This avoids waste and you can use it year after year. Fill with your favourite chocolates, little handmade gifts (check out some of our incredible business partners who make some perfect homemade keepsakes), toiletries. You name it, I’m sure you can add it in.

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