Corporate Benefits

My VIP Rewards understand the problems faced by business owners.

Retaining top talent is hard, keeping your customers happy isn’t easy, staying ahead of your competition is tiring. 

Looking after your people whether its employees, members or customers should be a top priority within any business.

My VIP Rewards are not just your average employee benefits supplier, we
work with you to find out what really makes your team tick!

So you get the peace of mind as an employer that you are not
just throwing your money away on something your people wont use.

We survey your people to find out what they want to save money

Our talented sales team then find local discounts around
your location that your team will love in addition to the 5,000 amazing
benefits we already offer

Local businesses will love that your employees and customers
are shopping with them and will return the favour by recommending your business
to others.


Your business gets a big tick in the corporate social
responsibility box for supporting local businesses and a local charity! 

My VIP Rewards helps you to look after the people who are integral to your business growth at an affordable price and help you to support your local community at the same time giving you a nice big tick in your corporate social responsibility box, and we also donate to a charity of your choice for every subscription you buy!

How it works

  1. Your employees subscribe to our app and get access to over 5,000 national rewards.

  2. We work with your business to ensure that your favourite local businesses are offering discounts to your people.

  3. Local businesses love you for supporting them and are more likely to recommend your business to others! 

Results = Happy employees, customers and members

Money saved for your business!

Local charity supported.

Local businesses supported.

Everyone wins!

What does it include?

How much does it cost?

£4.99 per employee per month , discounts available for larger teams and upfront payment

What makes us different?

We work with you to give you the best experience, we find offers your people will love and actually use!

And we are more affordable than our competition!

We don’t tie you into long contracts, we help you to raise money for your chosen charity.

And we genuinely care about the experience of your people.