How does your child feel when a crisp white envelope falls through the letterbox, with their very own name written on the front, instead of yours? Excited, special! maybe even magical!?

Slotted in amongst the dull white envelopes for the grown-ups and 'the occupier' (whoever that is - sounds creepy!), there is a different kind of letter addressed to your child. And would you believe it, they've written to the new puppy as well! This is all very exciting. Who could it possibly be from?

Father Christmas or Santa Claus - he's flexible on his title, it helps him stay elusive - will write a personalised letter to a child, baby, pet, or grown-up this Christmas. He'll know about any big achievements from the year, any tricky challenges, or anything that the recipient might need to work on to stay on the nice list...

Of course he'll tell you a few stories about his beloved elves and reindeer at the North Pole too! Father Christmas only gets to write once a year, so he often has a lot to say.

Maybe you could help him out by submitting your child's highlights for the year on this very special website?

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