I’m Sonya, a certified Forest Therapy Guide and I help stressed or anxious people find peace and connect to nature for a few hours so that they can start to heal and move towards being the person they are truly meant to be. Sessions run in various woodlands across Hampshire and in Newbury.

Forest Therapy is sometimes called forest bathing (you don’t need to go swimming!) and can be described as a series of guided meditation activities in the forest.

There are 7 key elements to the practice:

  • Sensory Immersion to bring attention to the present moment and get in touch with sensations in your body
  • A collective experience with the group gathering together and sharing experiences several times in a session
  • Nature connection - proven to increase feelings of joy, wonder and gratitude which are proven to enhance mental health
  • Enjoyment - everything we do is oriented to pleasure
  • Slow paced to maximise relaxation...or should I say treelaxation? :-)
  • Peace & quiet helps turn off the chatter in the mind so we're often silent and phones and chit chat are discouraged
  • Variety is the spice of life and every forest therapy session is different

There are many proven health benefits such as improved immune system and mood. See more here on the benefits.

If you fancy reconnecting to nature to improve your mental wellbeing, there’s 10% off for My VIP card holders :) See scheduled events here.


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Stavedown Road, South Wonston, Winchester SO21 3HA, UK Hampshire , UK

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