We have a unique opportunity for you to be a part of something that really doesn't exist anywhere else.

A FREE network JUST for business owners and their supporters!

But FREE doesn't mean rubbish! We are a professionally operated business and are blessed to be supported by sponsors who believe in our cause to ensure that we can help the people who need it most... YOU.

We are on a heart-centred mission to help people to succeed in business by supporting them as human beings first and foremost.

We provide a value-laden community with a whole LOAD of local FREE member led meet-ups at Collabor8 - people in business, perfect if you fancy something a little less like networking in a conventional sense and a little more like getting together with friends!

If you prefer something a bit more structured and professionally organised, our monthly networking is available on a Pay As You Go basis.

We are expanding rapidly across the UK and have a national Facebook community for all our members to access, as well as local communities popping up as we grow!

With hundreds of collaborative locals already in our newly launched group in Hampshire, we have already got lots of meet-ups with different locations, themes/subjects, environments, structure/formats depending on what our members fancy organising. They're always a great place to meet others and get to know the people behind the businesses locally.

It's free to come along and free to join our membership if you're a business owner. Please join via our website.

PS we don't allow selling or self-promo in our community - it's a place to build genuine relationships because you want to share your journey with others, not because you want to find new business. Thanks!


Whoops, our offers are for members only! If you have a membership, please log in. If not, you can definitely get access!

Sign up today!

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