Hi  I am Christine Murray and I am your local Holistic Therapist wherever you are as I work online!

I'm probably just like you always juggling!

I'm mum of 2 boys aged 11 and 13. One is a severe coeliac and the other  has some intolerances and allergies.  I wanted to help my sons as naturally as i possibly could, which led me down the path of becoming an Holistic Therapist.

I have worked as a teacher and teaching assistant, in mainstream classrooms, with special needs children and young people ranging from ages 3 to 21. Other roles include project management working both as a full time employee and as a freelance contractor in various blue chip companies.  managing  projects. Wanting to be more hands-on with my children when they were very small, I set up my
own business making party favours.

My life experience has been varied! I split up with my partner after 21 years, when I finally faced up to
the fact that we should not be together. I have since married and, as an older mum, had my 2
lovely children.

I have experienced two international moves one when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child and the other a hurried return to the UK to become a carer to my mother in law at very short notice. Very stressful to say the least, with two young  children in tow, they were 8 and 6 at the time.

I have suffered burnout , health issues due to stress, anxiety and have struggled with my weight for most of my life, then was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which made it all the harder - but I overcame all of these!

I understand how stressful it is to:

  • be in a relationship that isn't working.
  •  work in a job you hate, 
  •  have to work when your children are young
  •  be a carer to an older relative. 
  • be unable to release weight no matter what you do 
  • feel helpless and powerless

My journey has not been easy and I am still healing and
discovering so much about myself. The various chapters in
my life and my extensive Holistic Therapy training,  mean I’m well qualified to help others work towards a balanced life, achieving wellness, wellbeing,
focus and clarity.

I work with you so you can be free from:

  •  fears and phobias.
  • a poor relationship with food
  •  feelings of guilt & unworthiness from toxic relationships
  • feeling lost and powerless

I show you how to take care of you!,

Do you want to manage your stress, and anxiety, and  get to the root of what is holding back?

Do you want  manage and overcome your limiting beliefs them for good?

Do you want to feel happy, confident and back in control, enjoying a balanced life!

Do you want to able to cope with life's challenges big or small?

Then book a free no obligation discovery call to take the next step to becoming the new you - naturally!

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