I am Hanna Jane.

A slightly odd but imperceptibly lovely 40 year old Mum of 3 with a penchant for community and a disdain for waste.

I've never wanted to be rich or famous but I have always tried to make people smile and have an ingrained desire to help people to realise their dreams.

Eclectica started with a passion for the odd and unique and to share other peoples talents and gifts with the world by offering products from British small independents.

This is still primarily the aim although some products are sourced from further afield purely based on their awesomeness!

I own an extremely niche gift store with 4 very different, yet eerily similar, types of customer in mind.

The eco hippy, the creepy rock chick, the kitsch retro girly and the cute and kawaii clientele tend to cross over into each others territory so I am offering an inclusive space for them all to meet and appreciate each other.

Online will soon evolve into a physical space where community will be key and i can empower victims of financial abuse to stand on their own two feet by offering flexible work placements that fit around their restrictions.


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