Why I’m your small business’ best friend…
Put simply: Because I care about the success of small business owners and know that writing can be a sticking point, because I have always had a fondness of and natural ability with the rules of the English language, and because I combine this with 10+ years experience of running commercial product and service operations in businesses to give you the perfect balance between proofreading and business support. For the less simple version, let’s talk and I’ll share the full story!

VIP Members will receive 15% off a Quick Fix proofreading service or 20% off on-going business writing support via The Whole Package!

Services and turnaround times are bespoke to suit each customer, piece of writing and level of support needed and therefore pricing will also be bespoke. Below is a simplified summary to give you an idea of what I can offer but I do encourage you to contact me so we can discuss your circumstances and requirements.

Free Consultation: A quick review of your text with your goals and circumstances in mind followed by a confidential discussion on the level of change I recommend, timelines and potential cost before you commit.

Quick Fix: If you already have a piece of writing that just needs scanning over and refining, I can do this very quickly and cheaply with your business goals and my experience front of mind. Pricing will depend on the type of material and length, which we will discuss before you commit. Examples of this could be £25 for a basic level proofread of a 1000 word document, or £60 for 2 hours agreed to review a simple website.

The Whole Package: If you need on-going support with how to approach writing for or about your business, or if you are not quite sure what you need but something isn’t working for you, I can help you to figure it out and be a source of best practice, advice and inspiration for as long as you need it. As always, we will confidentially discuss goals, pricing plans and timelines before you commit, so it’s at least worth exploring!


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