I am a Natural Health Practitioner and Life Mentor. Which means that I move your energy from negative to positive to create balance and health in your life. I do this by using the systems of polarity energy that operate through your body, mind and emotions and by enhancing the power that you already have stored within you.

Polarity therapy treats a multitude of conditions, here are just a few:

Back, shoulder, neck pain, headaches, joint pains. Polarity therapy treats and promotes healing to release pain in your physical body. There are over 65 different polarity techniques & treatments for varying conditions to help your particular problem.

Cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses are supported by giving you time out to relax and have your energy moved, so it can find a natural balance that feels supportive to you.

Anxiety, depression, exhaustion and emotional stress are helped through body treatments and talking therapy to release the underlying cause and give you self help techniques to help yourself.

Lack of confidence, self esteem, lost identity or sense of self where polarity therapy helps you reconnect with your inner power and self.

Lacking direction and motivation are helped through gaining clarity of mind and a re charge of your energy.

Fear to be still, fear of the future, fear of your past - polarity therapy helps to re-connect into the now and experience the feeling of balance.

Divorce, grief or trauma are just some of the major life changes where balancing your polarities and getting your body and mind balanced are key in helping you to be less anxious, be in the 'now' and positively look forward in life.

PMT, menopause and infertility are helped through freeing up energy in your pelvis and hormonal system as well as balancing the different qualities of energies that work within you.

IBS, feeling bloated, acid reflux in fact any pain in the abdomen or bowel are helped with getting the energy moving in this area of the body, so it can heal itself.

Heart and breathing problems, blood pressure and circulation issues really benefit from polarity body treatments.

How I help you is combining body treatments to release the disturbance that has manifested in your body and talking therapy so you gain clarity about your life, your situation, your sense of self and help you get clear on your relationships, your work and other aspects of your life. This is a treatment system like no other, the sessions are relaxing and offer you a multi- dimensional solution to your health needs.

To put this into perspective: A busy mum of 2 children both under the age of 5 and a business owner came to see me as she was suffering shoulder and neck pain. It transpired that she had suffered post natal depression and was feeling that she may go back into that 'space' again. After a series of sessions where I worked on her body to release the pain and tension and through talking therapy she gained clarity about herself, her situation and her life, she is pain free, feels recharged, calm and in control. She has also learned the skills and knowledge to create her own balance and health in life.
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