Lucid Computing is a service based business that focuses heavily on customer service. We understand that computers and other devices are not the easiest things to use and that is why we try and offer help where we can.

Instead of fixing the issue we like to hold a conversation with our clients and let them know what went wrong, what was done to fix the issue and then make sure they understand what to do should the issue occur again. This educates and empowers clients because they will be able to diagnose their own issues in the future and solve their own problems and not be held hostage by technology. 

In a pre covid world we were carrying out device repairs for clients and we hope to return to doing that but in the mean time there are many online services that we offer. Don't hesitate to ask.

Why Lucid Computing? We make IT easier to understand.


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Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK19 6DS, UK

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