Emma at RootToRise provides a variety of yoga and meditation classes (in-person and online) with the intention of making yoga and meditation accessible to all.

Emma's passion for sharing the practice of yoga with others stems from the significant changes which it has brought to her own life. Yoga builds mental resilience, courage and confidence. It creates individuals who are less reactive to external circumstances, and who remain calm and clear-headed under pressure or stress. Yoga encourages honesty and integrity of character. It builds emotional intelligence and awareness, and teaches the importance of remaining focused amidst distractions. Yoga leads to a greater sense of purpose and clarity, whilst relaxing and strengthening the body, stilling the mind and balancing the breath.

I, Emma, believe that yoga has something for everyone, regardless of age, circumstance, experience, strength or flexibility.

My intention is to share with all who I can the holistic benefits to mind and body which a regular practice of yoga and meditation can bring.

My goal is to make yoga accessible to all through a range of class types and workshops which aim to build confidence, deepen understanding and encourage challenge.

My aim is to inspire learning, self-awareness and reflection to encourage individuals to embark on a lifelong journey towards their best self.

I invite you to approach the practice with an open mind, and to see where your journey will take you.

I teach a variety of classes, both online and in-person, including Power Flow, Beginner's Flow, Slow Flow and Yoga for Sports. I also teach Yoga Nidra (a form of guided meditation and deep relaxation). I offer both group and private classes, and welcome those of all levels of experience. I run a Complete Beginner's Workshop Series for those completely new to the practice. Take a look at www.roottorise.co.uk for full class details.

I am pleased to offer members of myvipcard a 10% discount on all of my classes.


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