Are you a parent of a young child?

Do you find yourself carrying them in arms? And that they're just getting heavier?

Perhaps you have bought or been given a carrier and you can't work out how to get it on or it's just uncomfortable!

Wearing a baby in a sling can be really comfortable, even for people with extra considerations or previous injuries. You should be able to be hands free and know your baby is safe, snuggled up to you.

Here at slinglibrary.com we can help you gain confidence in babywearing, and most of our customers say parenting too!

Having a new baby is amazing, but they need so much stuff. It's overwhelming trying to work out what they need versus what they try to sell us! We end up spending a fortune trying to get it right.

This is one of the reasons sling libraries exist. Trying on in a shop is one thing, but being taught the pros and cons of carrier types, having opportunity to try in a natural environment before you buy is priceless! Imagine spending £150 only to find out it is uncomfortable!

Slings are a little like good fitting bras, jeans or shoes. We can be the same size - but find each others clothes don't fit properly!

We have 5 main types of slings, and within each type we have subsets and age or size appropriate carriers and slings. We have slings for premature babies through to large 5 year olds - the only real upper age barrier is how much the adult can carry and how much the child wants or needs to be carried!

Due to COVID we have been learning how to work a little differently, whilst juggling our own and our children's needs. Now you can book a virtual appointment to discuss your questions, an online consultation to learn a new skill or a collection or delivered hire sling.

Moving forwards (as government restrictions lift) we are introducing Sling Walks - to get us out in the open air, try a new sling, go for a walk and discover somewhere new. And hopefully form those parent friendships that help us through those 3am feeds!

As an exclusive to My Vip Cardholders we are offering a 10% discount from our Sling Walks. We are a not for profit community interest company, we keep our charges as low as possible to ensure we are accessible to all. Our hire customers can then access other discounts on purchasing new slings from our small shop or partner shops across the UK.

Visit slinglibrary.com, Facebook or Instagram for more questions. Your walking leads are Rachel @carryingbabies or Elizabeth @mirfield_sling_library on Instagram.

Private walks tailored to your specific needs from £60.


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