The Little Sensory Box was created by a UK mum, Dee Featherstone, who began her own sensory-play journey when her baby son, Alfie, was born.

While attending Baby Sensory classes, Dee could see just how much Alfie loved the activities, and she loved the one-on-one time it gave them to bond while nurturing his developing brain. She felt inspired to recreate sensory-play experiences for them both at home, but she struggled to find affordable resources and easy-to-follow guidance on which sensory toys and activities would best support his development.

As a first-time mum, all Dee wanted was the confidence to enjoy playing with Alfie, but all she found was a whole lot of overwhelm! She decided to learn all she could about developmental toys for babies and create for other parents what she was desperately seeking for herself and Alfie: sensory-play expertise, simply delivered.

And so, The Little Sensory Box was born!

We’re here to help you overcome the overwhelm with a carefully curated, easy-to-navigate collection of sensory toys and activities to ignite little senses and inspire play. The truth is, playing with your baby shouldn’t feel complicated. They don’t need a mountain of toys. And you don’t need a bottomless bank account or a qualification in early-years teaching! All you really need is a few age-appropriate, open-ended resources and some guidance to get you started. Your baby will take it from there!

Making a play date with your little one is easier than you think!

Our award-winning Baby’s First Year subscription boxes are designed to give you all the sensory toys and resources you need for your baby’s first twelve months. We’ve done all the research and shopping around, so you don’t have to! (There’s already enough to think about when you have a new baby, right?).

The boxes are created as a quarterly series of four: you can join when your baby is newborn to receive all four boxes and a full year of play possibilities, or sign up to receive our sensory boxes from when your baby is aged 3-6 or 6-9 months.

Delivered straight to your door exactly when you need it, each box is tailored to your baby’s next milestones and accompanied by our downloadable Ways to Play guide, which is full of inspiration and ideas for exploring and enjoying the box contents together.

Happy playing - Dee x


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