The Moment Pebble and accompanying Method Program help you reduce stress, build resilience and live a calmer, happier life by guiding you through mindful micro-pauses, or Moments. These regular conscious breaks, allow you to drop mental baggage and approach new tasks with a fresh perspective.

A beautiful natural stone device, the Moment Pebble is unconnected to technology (often the cause of our stress!) and uses gentle light pulses to guide you through scientifically proven stress-reducing breathing exercises.

Moments may be small snippets of time, but they make a huge difference to your wellbeing. They calm your nervous system, reduce your heart rate, increase energy, and give you space to think clearly. And as Moments are an ‘eyes open’ practice, they allow you to become more present, peaceful and focused throughout your daily routine.

The Pebble comes with an easy-to-follow online program that teaches techniques such as Mindfulness, NLP, and Cardiac Coherence Breathing – which are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving sleep and focus.

The Pebble fits perfectly into your pocket or bag, or place it on your desk to keep mindfulness front of mind - for all the family.

We make the benefits of taking a mindful break discreet, quick and effective.


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