Ever wondered why when breast cancer is diagnosed it's already very serious, being diagnosed just in time and sadly too late??

Well here's introducing ThermaVUE® Medical Thermal Imaging, a safe proactive way to gain peace of mind or the earliest warning to allow you to make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk.

ThermaVUE® Medical Thermal Imaging is a 100% safe, non-invasive, non-contact, pain-free adjunctive risk assessment tool for breast and body imaging for the detection of the earliest markers for breast cancer (and other vascular, endocrine and inflammatory diseases).
Medical Thermal Imaging (also known as Thermography or Thermology) uses highly sophisticated infrared cameras to detect and record the temperature variations being radiated by your skin, the largest organ of the body. The images and changes of these patterns provide an accurate and up to date risk assessment of how your body is functioning based on the physiological heat produced by increased or decreased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes associated with inflammation.
In the breast, these changes are also associated with a tumours’ genesis and growth. By detecting minute variations in blood vessel activity, thermal imaging may find the earliest thermal markers suggesting a pre-cancerous state of the breast or the presence of an early tumour that is not yet large enough to be detected by physical examination or by other types of structural imaging.
Certain types of cancers will not be detected by mammography for various reasons, but most of these will be detected by thermal imaging. This is why thermal imaging is such a vital tool to be used in conjunction with other structural imaging tools and why all women are encouraged to add thermal imaging to their breast health protocol especially those who are under 50 or over 70 who are not invited for routine mammograms with the NHS (All women should regularly practice a protocol of self-examination.)
Thermal imaging can also be used to detect circulatory problems (early stroke warning), endocrine disorders like diabetes, thyroid gland abnormalities, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome, hormone imbalances in the breast, dermatological disorders, inflammatory conditions like arthritis, gout and many more.
Imaging is quick and simple and as it is completely safe (no contact and no radiation), it allows for more frequent screening to monitor changes and healing as a result of treatment and / or lifestyle choices. Thermal imaging is suitable for all ages, also for women with dense breasts, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, those who have undergone surgery and those who have pacemakers.
We are all acutely aware that early detection is crucial to save the breast and to save the lives of women from breast cancer.
This is an essential tool for all men and women with concerns about breast cancer (yes men get breast cancer too): especially,
Those under 50 not yet invited for tri-annual breast screening / mammograms,
Those over 70 and no longer invited for tri-annual breast screening / mammograms
For annual imaging in between the tri-annual mammograms for better closer monitoring
Ladies under 50 with dense breast tissue where mammograms are not suitable
Ladies who have implants or who have had reductions
Previous surgery
or have a pacemaker.

ThermaVUE® redefines the meaning of 'EARLY' in 'EARLY detection saves lives'

Have questions? Please contact Angie Lacoste at ThermaVUE Medical Thermal Imaging:
Call: 0333 772 7749
Email: Scans@ThermaVUE.co.uk
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