Twilight Nanny Sleep-Support Specialist
For babies, toddlers and children that are struggling to settle or stay asleep for long. Just need some advice/reassurance to say all is okay?

Sleep-Support Consultations - what's involved?
These are offered country/worldwide so we don't have to be local. I allocate between 1-2 hours to be with a family on a one-to-one basis in person or via Facetime/Skype. In this time we go over your little ones routines, feeding, weaning (if age appropriate) and settling techniques. My aim is to get to the bottom of the struggles and worries you may be having, to then create a unique plan for sleep and routine for all of the family and identify a technique that is best for you and your child.

Remote sleep-support package
After your sleep consultation, we can then work together to implement your plan step-by-step as things progress and change. The support is based over 5 consecutive days, helping you follow your plan there is email support as well as daily phone calls if required on how best to support you and your little one.

Why 5 days ?
Based upon research it takes up to 5 nights to change or improve on any sleep associations. I advise and see you through the process to the end with daily plans and support.
No controlled crying is used just reassurance and comfort techniques in supporting sleep.


Twilight Nanny New Parent / Newborn Support

There are a few options for expectant parents and newborn support. Firstly I recommend a consultation meeting, this is where we meet either face to face or if not local via FaceTime / Skype. We will discuss your expectations and worries as a new parent including feeding / sleeping / settling and any other worries you may have.

Newborn Remote Support

If required I then offer between 5-10 days worth of remote support that can be used up as you need it over the first 16 weeks of your baby arriving. In this time if breast or bottle feeding you will be establishing many core routines and feeding patterns , as questions arise you will have me at hand via email / phone / text to support, reassure and advise you when required.

Many families have really found this support in the early days a huge help.

For further information or a no obligation chat contact Jo Ryder at Twilight Nanny.

Email :
Telephone : 07851917175

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